Home remedies for pimples on nose

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Pimples or acne are the most common skin problems among teenagers. Our skin is lined on ours inside by a layer of pores. These purrs are connected to oil producing glands called the sebaceous glands. These glands keep producing sebum or oil to protect our skin from abrasion. But anexcess of sebum can clog the pores leading to bacterial growth resulting in a pimple or a cyst. The most common area of ours occurrence is the nose which is the T-zone. Getting rid of pimples on the nose can be quite challenging. The products available in the beauty market come with exaggerating claims do no good and often make the condition worse. So here are some do out yourself home remedies that really help to reduce the occurrence of these ugly zits.


Cinnamon has antibacterial properties, and it hampers the growth of pimple-causing microbes. Cinnamon vibrations a chemical called cinnamaldehyde that fights bacterial growth. That’s one reason why cinnamon is used in a variety of skin care and cosmetic products. It is also an item that is easily available at home, and hence one does not need to bear any extra cost for the remedy.


Take a few cinnamon sticks and grind them in a grinder until it becomes a fine powder. Now decant the powder in a small bowl and pour in some water. You can also use some honey instead of water. Mix it well and avoid theformation of lumps. Miss it until it becomes a smooth paste. Apply it directly to your nose and rub it using your fingertips in acircular motion. Do it for 3 to 4 minutes. Now leave it on for another 10 minutes. Wash it off with water. Do not press it while rubbing. This may offer excellent result in a limited time also.

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Fuller’s earth

Women of all ages swear by the magical effect of fuller’s earth also known as Multanimitti.Fuller’s earth is aclay-like substance that is stale to cosmetic and skin care industry. It contains a lot of minerals that are good for your skin. It absorbs excess oil, open up clogged pores and has a healing effect on inflamed skin. It also has skin lightening properties and can be used in a variety of way to that suits your skin type. It is available in powder form, and one needs to make a paste out of it adding water to therequired amount.

Home remedies for pimples on nose


Take some rose water, sandal wood powder, and fuller’s earth. Mix fuller’s earth and sandalwood powder in equal protein and add some rose water to it. Mix all the three ingredients well to make a not so thick nor too runny paste. Apply this paste to your face using a brush so that it settles evenly. Wait for 15-20 minutes. Allow it to dry completely. Wash it off with cold water. You will notice asignificant difference in the pimples. This can help you get relieved from pimples in a few days also. These are some of the important remedies you can try at home and get rid of pimples.

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